I do this all the time basically, Ive been doing it for years, it takes me only half an hour to 40 min now. I do it only once a week, maybe twice if my hair got really messy.

I havent found another way to make my curls look defined. If i don't finger coil, my hair looks like a big frizzy mess, and the curls are not defined and dont clump together at all, the curls are way smaller/tighter then as well, which makes it look a lot shorter!

I hate doing it but I like the result =P I've been looking for another way to style my hair for ages, but nothing seems to work. I thought that maybe different products would help, so I tried a million things, but nothing seems to work. Maybe its just my hair... I'm mixed race, my mother is half black and half white and my dad is Arab/north african, so that's maybe why I have so many different curl patterns which makes it harder to style... Still looking for new styling techniques tho, because yes I got so used to doing it, that it goes much quicker... But I still find it too time consuming. Frustrating!