I'm not sure about the properties. My hair type is a mix of 3b, mostly 3c and some bits of 4a I'd say. Most parts of my hair are highly porous I think, its quite dense. The strands on the front of my head are thinner than the ones on the top and back which are really thick and course. My hair is mostly really dry and prone to breakage (so low elasticity, I think?)

I'm currently using sm style milk, a leave in from I think unknown brand from a local shop for natural cosmetics (love this stuff when I've just applied and as the day continues, but my hair seems to drink it because the nxt day its really dry again) and Ive been trying to find a way to work with eco styler (i really dislike it so far, so I'm gonna let it go I think) I use flaxseed gel sometimes, I really like it but it doesn't give me enough hold on its own with just a leave in, so need to use other products as well, which is annoying because if I need other products anyway, I might as well leave it out ,so I'm on and off with it. I am actually waiting for a delivery from a online shop. I made a big order because I wanted to try out some more things because I've been rotating between products lately since my hair doesn't seem to like any product at the moment =P I ordered some curl junkie products, some original moxie stuff and I forgot the name of the other brand... =/ I think it was hair whip something.. can't remember..

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It's hard to figure out what products. Definitely do a search on here. Many curlies use multiple products- like myself. So you shouldn't feel that using more than one makes a product pointless. Different products have different uses and each provide different ingredients that you need. I suggest really researching ingredients and figuring out what your hair likes.
CG, High Porosity, Fine, Low Density, Medium Elasticity
Suave, V05, GF Go clean gel, ACV rinses, CO, and Gelatine PT.