Thanks so much for all the responses. I will look into all the products you all have kindly suggested. I am currently using an aPHogee protein shampoo. Not sure if my hair likes protein as my hair tends to feel like plastic after I use the protein shampoo and I tend to have to use a lot of glycerin after the protein to bring balance to, and soften my "hardened" hair. Glycerin has been working better for me. I've learned that my hair will absorb it only to a certain point, after that it begins to act as an emollient. I have been using the pure stuff. I use it quite regularly....anytime my hair feels dehydrated or like it needs smoothing. It's slow to absorb. but it eventually does so too and I have to apply more. I also sometimes mix it into a rinse to make a leave in conditioner that won't flake on me.