Yes I know =) its really a journey isn't it? Its just that I've always been piling up products in my hair to get it moisturized and softer and somewhat manageable, hahaha. But I just feel that there have to be products around that don't require that much help from a ton of other products to work well you know..

I often find that I need to use a whole lot of product to style my hair, or when I use "heavier" products, and use less, that my hair gets so greasy like yuck, and still isn't manageable.
So the search continues. But that's fine, as long as I enjoy. Ofcourse I come across products that I do like, but I just like trying out new things as for the styling process, I'm happy I found atleast something that works! Especially after all those years I've spend at war with my hair

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Originally Posted by Karima
Absolutely The thing is, I think it is a conjunction of your hair properties needing specific ingredients, clumps or lack thereof that you are trying to achieve, and the hold you want. For example, say you are high porosity, you will want to look for ingredients like ceramides, panthenol, and protein. However, through the exterior, you want your curls to be tighter and have a gel cast. Thus different products will assist in maintaining this daily regimen. Sometimes though, I use straight up CO and thats it! Because it can be tiring trying/using all different products.

Glad you found something that works, it is always a great feeling to have made a dent in your regimen or a product that can become an HG!
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