Hi there
just thought I'd post an update now that I've been in sydney for around 9 months.... I've got 3B curls, and have only been growing them now for 5 years, and have had quite a few disasters and setbacks in that time. However, now I've settled Glitz and Glam Military Road Neutral Bay - Bianca works there and she has natural curls. She will cut and do whatever you want - even apply henna if you ask her to - and will happily dry cut curl by curl and just a trim if you need it. For around $36 for the trim. So I go to her for shaping and general maintenance. However I am still looking for a good hairdresser for a 'trendy' style cut. I went to Orla Quinlan on the recommendation of this website, but I found she also used a 'thinning' technique which left my hair frizzy and lost a lot of volume, leaving it wispy instead. I don't want to have to micro-manage a hairdresser while they are doing my hair. The search continues....

By the way, I was one of the people who had a bad experience at Element Hair in Woolhara. Despite the Poster above asserting their curly know-how, it was Jo who cut my hair and she simply thinned it out, leaving no bulk at all - and that''s what I love about my curls - the mass and volume. Maybe they cut other types of curls better, but that approach was no good for my 3B and I certainly wouldn't go back again to give them a second chance - it set me back at least 6 months.

anyhow good luck to you all, and happy curling :-) Sue

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