After taking my box braids down a while ago, I've noticed ever since then, I continue to get large tangled knots in my hair. They were so bad, I had to cut them out the first time thinking that would be the last I would see of them, but now I've noticed that they still keep popping up. They form around my ends and it feels like a large clumped together knot of hair. I can't keep cutting my ends or pretty soon I won't have any hair to cut TT____TT I think it has something to do with me not detangling properly.

Does anyone else get knots in their hair? How do you deal with it?
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One important thing that many people forget is that your braids need to be taken care of almost as much as your natural hair. Washing/cowashing your braids in sections definitely helps to condition them and keep your scalp and hair clean and free from build-up. Whenever I took braids down, I would drench them in conditioner and water and it made them slip right off of my hair and I began to stop seeing knots and tangles at the ends of my hair. It will take a while but try sectioning your hair into small sections and apply additional conditioner to each section to detangle. Also, DO NOT rip or pull the tangles out. Clip them with shears or use a wide-tooth/shower comb. I learned the hard way that ripping out the knots only leads to further damage. HIH