Hi, I am fourteen,almost fifteen, and I am going natural. I have no idea what styles I can do with my hair. My hair is shoulder length and mostly relaxed ends and whenever I try a braid out, twist out, or anything else it looks like crap because of all the straight ends. Do any of you guys have alternative hairstyles I could do. My hair is in layers as well and I don't have those flexi rod things, either. Help!
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Your hair is much longer than mine but you can still do twist/braid outs. It just means that you should add perm rods to the ends to blend your relaxed and natural hair. Perm rods start at a dollar and can be found at your local beauty supply or Walmart. My hair is also in layers do to the bobs I wore when I relaxed my hair. Exactly why twists outs and Bantu knot outs work for me because I can pull them back into a mohawk to hide the different lengths of hair. You can always try buns and add a lil somethin extra to your twist outs by adding a twist to the crown of your hair. This website can help you determine the types of perm rods that work for different lengths of hair:
Google Image Result for http://www.hairfinder.com/techniques/permrods.gif