Suave followed by Tresemme might not be rich enough for your high porosity hair, I am high porosity and need plenty of leave in conditioner, it could be more important than gel for frizz control and clumping.

I never used to understand frizz when wet but occasionally I get it when I've used my protein rich/ oil free conditioner several washes in a row. I don't think the protein itself is the cause as such since it's giving me good hair much of the time, my hair seems to need a little oil in my routine.

Another possibility is that fifteen minutes is too long a plop, porous hair can dry out fast especially if you are not using a rich leave in conditioner but only water based products. I'm having best results with flour sack towels, takes out less water so doesn't overdry the hair. I also lightly scrunch out water with the towel more often than I plop so I can hit the wetter areas and leave the ones that tend to frizz.
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Ditto on the shorter plop and flour sack towels. I plop for ten minutes or less--just long enough to get dressed and clean up the bath area. I used to plop lfor 20-30 minutes, but got a lot more frizz. The flour sack towels are great. I've had greatly reduced frizz since I started using them.
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Alright, I can definitely shorten the plop time. Do you use the flour sack towel to plop, or do you use it to scrunch out the water? Or both?