My last 2 jobs have had my office close between 2 and 3 years after i started. I have never been fired from a job, but i have been laid off twice.

right now it is hard to find a good job that will work with my schedule. I worked at a market research firm during college (my first lay off) i LOVED it, and it has the perfect hours for me right now, 6pm-10pm. You only had to work either 3 days a week including a weekend day or 3 days a week and one weekend a month. You could flip flop your days all over the place. Yes, i called people to do surveys, but i was honestly a GREAT place to work. Since i do not have to worry about insurance or being full time, i would love to find something like that again.

My unemployment runs out this month, so i am really starting to stress, i am in school right now, and i do not want to live off of student loans for the next few years