I don't know which one to get TT_TT
I told my mom to buy one, but I realized there is like 5.

I wanted to get the hair I have right after I t-shirt dry my hair. It has less volume and does not go into a triangle. So, I thought I should get the Wet looks one, but people say that it flakes! Now I think I should go to the sports gel (blue) one, but I don't know if that INCREASES my volume (which I don't want). What should I do??

I should show the temps in my area:
Highest (summer) - 90s or 91
Lowest (winters) -40s- 50s
Fall- 50s- 60s
Spring - 60s or 70s

Also, I can't really afford to buy KCCC. I really want to try it, but if it does work, I can't buy it again

I have 2c- 3a hair that is BEAUTIFUL when it's wet (weird huh?). Not too thick, not too thin (in my opinion). I really want to put hair down for the first time in my life!

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