You're right, Firefox...looks like I need a humectant free conditioner. I believe suave coconut is anti humectant. I do seal daily, but it looks like most of my gels have glycerin, too. Anti humectant styling products are hard to find! But, as you know by now, I'll try ANYTHING.
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Seal with what?

You don't necessarily need to go mad on anti humectants, you don't need to veer from one extreme to other other. First of all cut back on the humectants - your GVP has propylene glycol, you are adding honey, glycerin in your stylers and aloe vera in your daily conditioner. It's just not balanced.

Then perhaps add in some film formers - flaxseed gel, okra gel, hydrolysed protein, panthenol are all options. You can also make a basic gel more sealing by adding oil - see the DIY Ecostyler custard recipes.

Suave Naturals coconut contains glycerin and propylene glycol but down the list I think, it's not really humectant nor anti humectant, overall more emollient.
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