After the wonderful help from some people on here, yesterday I learned I was using too much humectants and not enough emollients. Plus using a leave in with wax. Yuck! So off to the store I went. (I've spent way too much on products lately!
I clarified to get out all the crap from my horrible curly-girl not approved leave in cond, put in the new leave in and put in my KCCC like I had been doing. OMG! What a difference! Totally different hair, but alas the curls were loosening as the day went, so I did a DIY gelatin PT someone posted on here.
I have no words.
My hair type now changed from a 2c to a 3a.
I am one super happy girl, and I have all of you (and the writers of CG) to thank for this. A month ago, aside from 2 little spots on my head I didn't know I had curly hair before coming here!
Here's a pic from before CG. It is hard to find one where I didn't straighten my hair, and when I didn't, I had it up. But you get the idea.
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