However, now I've settled on two great salons, still Glitz and Glam Military Road Neutral Bay - Bianca works there and she has natural curls. She will cut and do whatever you want - even apply henna if you ask her to - and will happily dry cut curl by curl and just a trim if you need it. For around $36 for the trim. So I go to her for shaping and general maintenance. However I wanted a style cut so I went to see Orla Quinlan following recommendations from here
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Hi northcurlcurl,

Thanks for this info. I am in Sydney and trying to decide whether to go to a hairdresser to get my hair cut. You mentioned that Bianca from Glitz and Glam was good, but then said that you wanted a "style cut" so you went to Orla Quinlan.

Does that mean that Bianca doesn't really do a style cut?

I have shoulder-length hair and want to try a different shape (I want to change where the weight of the hair is and how it sits). I still like the shorter length, but just want it shaped differently. Do you think Bianca would be good for this?

Thank you for any advice you can give. I am hesitant to go anywhere to get it cut because I don't want a disaster, so your personal experience is really helpful and appreciated!