I live in Las Vegas where it's super dry year round. The dew point lately has been in the 40's and that's higher than normal.
I have very fine, thin, colored, 3a-ish hair. I've tried more hair products than I can possibly name. I can't strictly co wash because my hair is too fine. Lately I've been washing once a week with Giovanni TTTT and conditioning with VO5 shea cashmere consist. The other days I've simply been using the VO5 condish only. I don't really use a LI because my hair is so fine.
Yesterday I tried using natures gate biotin condish to try conditioner only styling. I emulsified a pea size amount and raked it into pretty wet hair. I did that three times. Then I pixie diffused until 70 percent dry. My hair was fabulous. Awesome curls. The only problem was there was more frizz than I normally have.
So my question is, for those of you who do "conditioner only" styling do you ever use a gel or gelly over it to control the frizz? Then it's not necessarily "conditioner only" but I think it might have helped.