Most Americans (I cannot speak for other countries) have an imbalance of how much omega 3's to 6's. too much omega 6's and not enough 3's can actually promote inflammation in our bodies. That is not the only factor that may be involved. Candida overgrowth (which can be caused by essentially overloading our bodies with too much sugar), or an imbalanced nutrition, or eating too much food additives, etc, can also effect our immune responses. I have strongly delved in natural medicine for several years and have successfully cured (I don't think this is the right word. It could technically come back, but I have no symptoms anymore) my asthma that I have had a pretty severe case of my whole life. And mostly by diet alone. My baker yeast allergy is an IgG allergy, which most western medicine doctors do not test for. You will find it is important with naturopathic physicians. I know I'm bad, but I didn't find out until last week what that allergy was doing to me. So I continued to eat it occasionally. My friend's mother also cured her cancer without chemo or radiation by a special diet. People have been able to successfully go off all diabetes medications for type 2 diabetes by a strict diet.
I'm glad schools are teaching this in nutrition, because it seems they are failing to stress it's importance in med school.