There are so many things I love about my hair since I quit doing mean things to it! (I gave up blow drying, flat irons, heat curlers, relaxer, and dye.)
It's growing so fast! I had hip length hair when I was little, and at the pace it is growing now i should be that length again in about a year and a half.
People ask me all the time how I got my "movie star" curls. I have even been asked if it is a wig.
Doing my hair in the morning literally takes about a minute. I take it out of my hot buns thing, and my curls are under control, no styling needed. Maybe some mousse for windy or humid days. It used to take at least an hour, with the flat iron, and trying to gel down all the burnt hairs that stood up. (That burnt hair smell was HORRID!)
I started straightening and relaxing my hair because I just didn't know how to control it. Now, I'll never try to change it again!