Ummmm...first...i think your hair is nice...but i understand ur feelings about the heat damage....but i believe u first need to accept u have curly...or, to me....bc i have 3c/4a looks like u have wavy hair. Accept that first.

Throw away that flat iron. Give yourself 3 to 6 months and do the CG method. If its that bad...i suggest just cutting it all off and growing a whole new head of hair.

Stop looking at ur curls as a burden....with that mindset, u will always have a hard time with your hair. Curlies have all the fun!

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Originally Posted by SmilingElephant
I completely agree. Your hair is going to need a lot of TLC right now. I went through a similar situation with my own hair several years ago and ultimately cut my hair to a bob, then made sure to be super careful with the hair that was left.
And I also agree that you do have very pretty waves. Your hair is exactly what I think of when I picture beachy waves.

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