I have to check that conditioner! I always thought that Gliss products had almost nothing BUT silicones... And I always stay away from anything that says "volume", because I thought they are the least conditioning products..
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That line is fairly new and is the only one of their that is silicone free: I found it thanks to the lovely Neleke. I've just ordered the mousse and spray to try out and will report back on NC. In this case the volume is from the protein not from drying salts which many 'volume' products contain.

It's not a massively 'slippy' conditioner like you'd want for a detangling session or a deep condition, but it does condition - the cetearyl alcohol and panthenol are excellent conditioning agents, protein helps the cuticle lay flat as well as strengthening damaged hair. I am getting really good curl, bit of shine, softness, some frizz control when I use the right amount.

At the moment I use it for a few washes then switch to something richer/ oilier or do a deep condition/ coconut oiling - I can tell when I need to switch because my hair may feel a little dryer or look frizzy when soaking wet. It's about finding the right balance for your hair. The good news is the Gliss is inexpensive so you can hopefully afford to experiment with it.
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