Okay, thank you for your help I will purchase this next.

I am little pissed because hairdressers. Couple days ago I went to buy sulphate-free shampoo and the hairdresser didn't even know which had sulphate and which didn't, and then she almost sold me some shampoo with sodium lauryl sulphate. And then another hairdresser came to help us, but she said that they don't have what I was looking for.. I thought that they should know about these things!
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They should, I agree. Not just for curlies but because sulphates are proven to thin and dehydrate the skin and are not recommended for people with eczema. People on hair forums know more than some professionals!!

I found the same as you, some/ many hairdressers don't have a clue what sulphates or silicones are. I go to the salon with clean very wet hair and get a wet cut or just trim my own hair now.
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