... I would soooo much rather it be hot than cold. Everyone says you can just put on more layers when it's cold, but I don't like clothes that much.
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it's just that when it gets to be THIS hot, you just want to peel your skin off and you can't do that!!!!

eta. the air conditioning system is off at the courthouse - they were unable to restart it this morning after having it off all weekend. while i do like the fact that i'm not wearing a sweater and still freezing to death, all the fans are off, too, so there is no air circulation at all!

when i get home, this is me:

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sounds awful, I'm sorry.
I'm in Texas and sometimes our AC goes off - my boss walks around saying, "it's really not that hot" over and over as if to convince us it is not that hot. My rule of thumb is "when my butt starts sweating, I'm going home"
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