That depends on what you can afford. What fun is it living my all these great things if by the time you pay rent you can't afford to enjoy any of them.
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I can afford it. I've been paying 400 more now for the past 6 months (since my lease was up) and it's been okay, just can't save or spend freely as much as I'd like. So I'd actually be spending less here. But I was expecting to spend wayyy less since I'm not living alone and the combined cost is high. I'm also paying way too much now since I'm on a month to month.

I was thinking I could go on more vacations instead. Or i need to make more money. Oh how I want it all.

Overall I think it would be a fun experience and I'd actually use all the amenities (within the complex and walking everywhere, not to mention I can walk to the park I like to jog in).

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