My daughter is five years old and hair does not seem to be getting any longer. Her hair is dull, frizzy and medium length. I usually wash her hair with dark and lovely's beautiful beginnings and condition with Tresemme smooth and silky condition. I then condition with a hair food and cornrow hair while it is damp. We live in a hot Caribbean country and I find her hair is also dry. It is also heard to find good hair products because I rely on what I can find in the stores here on my island. It is summer now and I need a routine to aid her hair length.
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Unless you have medical issues or alopecia likely the hair is growing but is breaking off so it seems like it is not growing. Dryness can cause breakage. Im guessing that Dark and Lovely shampoo has sulfate. Sulfate makes my hair like straw. You are also using a conditioner with silicones which dries out my hair by coating it. Im willing to be money that hair food has mineral oil and petrolatum which would suffocate my scalp and give my hair build up. Im sure these techniques might work for some but I wouldnt have much hair either. I suggest you read up on the curly girl method and try that. As far as products Most of what I put in my hair comes from grocery or health food store. I did a hot oil treatment with EVOO last night and it gave me much needed moisture. I also put oil in my hair before a shampoo. I use honey, banana baby food to dc and many times homemade flaxseed gel to style. You have more than you think.

Also braiding too tight can cause breakage. I never put small tight braids in my hair. If I go small i do twists. Twists are very versatile and easier to put in and take down. I have my hair in a bun made of twists now and it is super cute for summer. Good luck.
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