In a lot of instances, I'd rather save the money. Right now, I live in a good (but not great) place. It doesn't have some of the amenities that more trendier neighborhoods have, but then, I couldn't afford to live in them either. A big plus is that I'm only a block away from the subway and I'm in the city within 15 minutes. My BF pays about $150 less in rent than I do but he lives further out and getting to his place on public transportation is a pain, because it requires both a bus AND a train. He has hinted than he would like us to live together in the future, but I know I wouldn't like living so far out, even if it's cheaper. We'll have to see
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If I could afford it, I would definitely pay more somewhere where it's a lot more convenient for public transportation. I think that affects your quality of life quite a bit.

I definitely would not be considering this if I couldn't afford it or would be struggling, so that's not an issue. It boils down to which luxury would I rather pay for.