First of all, you should determine your hair properties. Here's a link to help Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free This will help you with choosing ingredients/products. It will also help people give you advice.

When the dewpoints are higher, hair likes more protein. Even those with protein sensitivity tolerate more of certain proteins. I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein, add protein spray or ingredients like Sea Kelp Biofermant. It really helps with volume and frizz. We've had dewpoints in the mid 70's the last 3 weeks and my hair hasn't been bad.
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Kathymack - I've seen other posts by you which mention the Sea Kelp and I'm pretty sure you buy it in bulk add it to products (maybe FSG?). Is that right? Do you know of any products that contain Sea Kelp that you would recommend?
2C/Fine Texture/Normal Porosity/Normal Elasticity/Very Humid Climate