The clips I use to lift the roots are the double prong ones recommended in the "CG" book, here's what they look like:

I'm rather visually oriented so I have difficulty coming up with the right words to describe how to place the pins the way it's shown in the "CG" book. I don't have a scanner anymore or else I'd copy those pics for you so unless someone else comes to the rescue again I can only suggest that you try to take a look at the book - maybe your public library has it. To be honest, it's been a good while since I last clipped my roots that way, I feel it works best for people who have long layers and for the past year mine has been on the shorter side and most of the time I'm wearing my hair parted on the left side so I just place a few clips perpendicularly along the part and sometimes along the hairline to keep my hair off my forehead while it's drying.
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