I feel like I almost need to start from square one. Yesterday my hair was so-so, I used the tiniest amount of the SM condish mixed with a very small amount of KCKT for styling and a tad bit of LA naturals mixed with water on the canopy. Had decent 2nd day hair this morning, I did add a little more LA naturals, and my hair is just so tangly and my ends feel absolutely gross. Gotta be some serious buildup there for that to happen. I am just at a loss as to what to do so maybe I need to just start over with all new products. What would be your suggestions for product and routine given what you know about my hair?
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Looking at your signature you are using a lot of different products, you might try using the same conditioner for two or three tasks - wash, rinse out, leave in. That might not give you wonderful hair but it will mean you can clearly see which one works and which does not. And then just one styler, again so you can see what they do. Also try using way more leave in conditioner, that will help your hair retain the right amount of water, is important for clumping/ frizz control, perhaps for protecting your hair from harsher styling products.

With very high dews humectants are likely to be a problem - especially glycerin. Any product that does not work for you put on the swap board, or put in your cupboard until the weather changes, your hair might like it in winter. Tangling or crunchy can be build up but it can also just be the wrong products/ ingredients drying your hair out.

KCKT is a detangler not a conditioner, it's also pH 7 which can encourage the cuticle to lift. This is a problem in high dews and in porous/ damaged hair anyway. Conditioners are generally lower pH to encourage the cuticle to lay flat after shampooing. Some gels are higher pH, might be worth getting some pH strips and testing your products.

Not all polyquats are 'bad', some are water soluble some are not. What is in your shampoo is likely to more build up at the roots, since presumably you use that there. Shea butter can also build up as you have a lot of that is your arsenal.

My porous/ damaged hair did well with products containing some natural oils at the beginning. I did a lot of conditioner only styling when I didn't have to look my best, really on the basis it would 'nourish' rather than damage my hair. Now I have grown out the worst of the damage I have backed off on oils somewhat and am using more film formers - hydrolysed protein, flaxseed gel, have not yet tried okra gel.

I have struggled to make commercial gels work for me, they seem to make my hair feel dry and wooly by day two even with piles of leave in conditioner underneath. My favourite one contains propylene glycol and glycerin (both humectants) and xanthan gum (film former!) but it doesn't work in all weathers.
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