I've got a couple of more questions, and I figured I'd just put them in here instead of making a new topic. This is dealing with Keratin and hot oil treatments.

Is Keratin infused shampoo/conditioner alright to use or will it do bad things? I've seen these products advertising brazilian keratin. Then I read in different places, including on here, that brazilian keratin is used as a treatment and it can mess up your hair texture (make it dry, frizzy, frail, less curly). Is this true?

Also, somebody recommended hot oil treatments to me, because they claimed that they had long-term positive results. Is this safe to do as well?

I'm basically looking for things to avoid. I've already been making an effort to avoid sulfates/silicones for about a year now, but I'm now trying to apply the rest of the Curly Girl method principles.