Protein overload is nothing nice. It takes a while for my hair to bounce back from henna.
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Nothing nice and NOT cute to behold I forgot about something: my wretched henna/condish/pectin/gelatin concoction initially came out looking too light and the next day I reapplied the rest of the batch to my hair, to keep in for another 4 hours. So basically I protein overdosed my hair twice in 2 days

And I dont use anything with protein with it or immediatey after. I have a few setback from protein overload where I had to cut an inch of two of hair.
Phew, that's brutal. I definitely think I was almost to that point myself. As for what might better darken your gray roots: what about adding just a touch of indigo to your mix (only applying it to the roots), making sure to strand test it to get a reasonable color from it?
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Ok. I do have some indigo. Never really used it because i thought two step and after henna not in the mood. I read on Hennasooq that cassia and black tea darkens grays. Will try that too.
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It is a two-step process:

texture - medium/fine, porosity - low/normal, elasticity - normal
co-wash - NaturelleGrow Coconut Water or Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark & Blue Malva Cleansing Conditioners
LI - KCKT mixed w/ SM C & H Curl & Style Milk
DC - NG Mango & Coconut H2O or Chamomile/Brdck Root
Gel - SM souffle (winter), KCCC (summer) or CR Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel (year round)
Sealers - Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado butter, Aloe butter
Ayurvedic treatments - Jamila Henna, Sukesh, Aloe Vera Powder, Hibiscus Powder