Why does protein make my hair dry? I don't understand
I got this wheat protein hair mask from Italy and I was so excited to use it, my routine before was just simple ( I use Keramin H shampoo and conditioner, towel dry, I then apply Pantene oil replacement, then coconut oil to seal and lock in moisture) then I'd wrap, and when its fully dry I get straight hair as if I flat ironed it, I tried the mask on the other day, followed the same steps, got nice moisturised hair at first, went out, and came back home with a puff ball! I didnt understand why.. The whole time I thought I was looking all atttactive and stuff until I got back home lol not good of an experience..
I know it has happened before to every single girl on this planet
So can anyone explain to me what happened exactly?
PS: my conditioner DOES have silicone in it but this has never occured before.. :/
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Originally Posted by sweetandcurly

Maybe build-up from the silicone? Or too much protein?
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