My hair when wet and styled with gel is 2c, but as it dries it seems to get looser and looser, and the roots get flatter as well. Today I tried clipping and using more gel , which worked until my hair was about 70% dry. I got more lift/wave intially, but I scrunched out the crunch once my hair was 90% dry and my waves have fallen to a almost 2a now and the roots are deflating. I'm wondering if it the products I'm using. My hair feels very soft and moisturized, not particularly limp or anything, from over conditioning. I used L.A. Looks sport gel today, and quite a bit. I like the way it looks, but I would also like my hair to have dried the way it looked before it went flat.

Anyway, I expect lots of wavies have this problem, is that just normal? Or have you guys been able to hold your waves at their maximum waviness with different products/methods or avoiding certain ingredients in styling products? I was also thinking of buying a diffuser to speed up drying time. It seems like a part of the problem is my hair is waist length without layers and it is quite heavy when wet.

Thanks for reading!