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I get this, and it's my absolute favourite way to style my hair! I've been focusing on clumps with a strong-hold gel for a few months now, but this thread inspired me to go back to my usual styling routine:

Scrunch out excess water with a t-shirt
Plop for about 10 minutes with the same t-shirt
Gently scrunch in Desert Essence's Shine and Define Lotion to the tips ONLY! DO NOT TOUCH THE ROOTS.

It was a stringy mess while wet. Like, terrible. I refused to leave my house and seriously contemplated wetting it all again.

But when it dried (which took 30 minutes instead of the 3 hours it takes with gel), my hair looked fab. Bouncy, lots of volume, fun ringlets, and something closer to my normal curl pattern (3A... with gel/clumping, I've been more of a 2B/2C).

So. I don't have loose waves, but I'm also finding that clumping does NOT give me the desired results!
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Kate, the only product you put in is the desert essence?

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That's it!
3A/2C | fine | high-po length, low-po roots | medium density | shoulder-length

Shower Time!
Treat: EVCO
Co-Wash: DE Unscented Condish with added lavender and tea tree EOs
Condish: DE Coconut Condish with added local honey

After Shower: Homemade FSG with added gelatine

+ bi-weekly protein DIY treatments (gelatin and egg yolk)
+ mindful nutrition