I have very fine hair with very thin density. My waves fall completely flat if I don't pixie diffuse all the way dry. Try diffusing and try doing it to different amounts of dry. Also do you plop? Or use mousse?
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Good idea with the diffusing... Do you recommend a brand of blow dryer/diffuser combo? I don't have one yet.

I have tried plopping but it makes my roots like like a pancake...or like I was wearing a hat as my hair was drying, haha! It does help the wave alot... the more time I spend upside down, the better the wave, it seems.

I've never tried mousse out very long, in the past it seemed to make my hair dry, but I am open to trying again.

I am kind of concluding my hair might be on the finer side because it gets weighed down SO easily with most things I use it and falls flat. I can over-condition it very easily (Even though it is still actually still dry on the damaged parts? like dry and limp), and it goes limp more often than not. I used to attribute that to my hair being heavy, but perhaps it is really the opposite! I never thought about having fine hair, but I don't really have much to compare it to either.

I find myself wishing it looked thicker than it does (Even though it is not thin), but hairdressers/ my mom has always said it is SO thick when they handle it. To me, when I have been trying the CG method the past week or so, it look wavier, but also flatter and thinner somehow. I'm not used to putting product or intense conditioner in my hair, so I'm thinking it is weighing it down a whole lot.

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