So i wanted to do something crazy a few months ago and i cut my hair to shoulder length. I loved it it was easy to style.If i wanted it straight i didnt needed to use a lot of heat and it still looked cool if i came out of the shower with my curly hair. So i wanted to get rid of the in between length so i cut it again this time collarbone length and my curly looks afwful (i wanted to get rid of the layers) so i had to cut it even. My hair used to be long but it was damaged because it just wouldnt grow anymore so i was bored and i wanted a change..... and now i regret it. I regret that i cut it layers and that i cant really wear my hair curly anymore. I definity cut my hair a few inches off (let's 10 cm) 5 motnhs ago and it grew 6 cm back but what is really depressing me is that i need to start over again.....i feel ugly with those layers. I dont hate my shorter hair i actually love it and i dont want it really long again (that is not what im going for) but i was seriously hyperventilating because i want to model and i cant if my hair is a mess. I always sabotage myself. Now i want to grow back 5 cm in 2 month and its summer so i know it grows faster in the summer. What can i do to make it grow back faster. i seriously cant eat or sleep because im so depressed about this. My looks are important to e because i want to model. And my hair only looks great when i straighten it but i know that straightening is not good so i minimize it to 1 every 2 weeks. My hairtype is 3b. Im so depressed over this.....i even hyperventalited because i felt so hopeless....what can i do. When my hair was long it would not grow! i even stopped using heat on for 8 months straight and its still looked and felt tangly and stringly and it would never grow past my ever. So i had to cut it off but this time i cut it too short and in layers....Im so so so sad. LITERALLY sick to my stomach. I dont want it back long because my hair was just too thin when i straightened it and lifeless but i would liketo have right above my boobs....i think that will look the prettiest on me and the fullest. So im not asking for much.

Thank you so much
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Firstly chill out, it's only hair and stressing will not make what you cut off reattach to your head. Refusing to eat or sleep and suffering anxiety is the fastest way to UNhealthy hair. Research your government's healthy eating and lifestyle guidelines and follow those, practice stress management techniques and get some early nights - models with a professional attitude eat nutrient dense food, keep themselves fit and get their beauty sleep.

Eight months without heat will be enough to grow perhaps four inches of virgin undamaged hair. It isn't enough to repair the damage already caused, that is impossible because hair is dead. Sometimes the ends are not salvageable and need to be cut off as you have rightly done, hair that is only somewhat damaged can be patch repaired (temporary) with ingredients like hydrolysed protein, coconut oil, ceramides and panthenol.

If you want longer healthy hair you can have that, but you can't have it instantly - people with longer healthy hair work hard over years and sacrifice things like heat styling. Models absolutely baby their hair away from work, most don't get to live like the rest of us and abuse their skin, hair and body: in many ways it's a 24/7 job. They are expected to rock up to castings with air dried hair and naked skin, so their natural beauty can be seen.

Heat styling even once every two weeks is damaging, especially if you use higher heat or your hair is not BONE dry. Maybe give your flat iron to someone for safe keeping and practice heat free methods like wet wrapping? Also next time have a curly specialist hair cut - see the salon reviews tab on the main NC site. Once you have a style that works with your curls you will have a unique look, long or short is not relevant you don't have to look like every other model but you do need to be healthy inside and out. That means mental health (stress/ anxiety) and physical health.
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