What are your hair properties, dew points/ humidity and full routine?
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Hair properties, atm I think:

Roots are fine (but not super fine), hair with henna/indigo is medium (also much drier)

My ponytail circumference is 4", so I am guessing medium/high density.

As for porosity, I am not sure. I use product with protein sometimes,and I don't seem to have any issues. If I do the test where you run your finger up the length of a strand, it feels rubbery, not rough, but rubbery and makes a noise. It actually feels more rubbery on the the virgin strands.

As for styling, I prefer to low-poo at least once a week, but will co-wash... I tend to co-wash my hair every day almost, because I don't like the way it looks on 2nd day... it just seems to get drier and drier the longer I go without washing it, while the roots get very oily.

I was using SheaMoisture's Moisture Retention shampoo the past couple days, and it worked well making my hair very soft and extremely shiny. But, my virgin hair is usually soft and extremely shiny. I was wondering if I should stop using it as I feel it might be too heavy for my hair.

I am using Tresemme Naturals as a RO, and have been trying SheaMoisture's Curl Smoothie as a leave-in (has protein in it)... only a little bit, made a quarter size, and only on my ends which get very parched and are rough. It seems to keep them softer.

I scrunch my gel in when my hair is still dripping wet and help dry it by crunching it with a tee shirt after that. I also have been clipping my roots/sides for lift. That has helped a bit. I can see my hair get super wavy like this, but then it seems to collapse. As I recall, when my hair was lightly layered but still long it seemed to be able to wave more consistently and easily, so I don't know if that say anything.

I have been trying the L.A. Looks sports gel, and it doesn't seem to be drying my hair out as long as I use a leave-in... without a leave-in it seems to make my hair fizzy and dry, though.

As far as SOTC, I tend to do it to soon because I don't like the way it looks/feels as it is drying! Bad habit, I suppose, but I didn't know letting it get super dry first would make a difference. I will have to diffuse, I think because my hair takes hours and hours and hours to dry completely when it has a lot of leave-in/gel in it. I have equated using a lot with good hold/waves. I get definition, but it also seems to make my hair look dull and kind of wet/and or greasy/limp instead of bouncy and shiny. I think that is partially due to the indigo, though.

I'm not really satisfied with the routine as it is... I think my RO is ok, and I will probably continue to low-poo.... but I want to find a gel that is very water-y and lightweight instead of goopy like the L.A.looks. Seems to make my hair heavy when I use it, but I don't know if a water-y gel with excellent hold exists?

edit: Forgot to mention dew points. I live in Austin, Texas most of the year, and here is pictures of the average dew points:

Right now, the dew points seem to consistently be in the 70s, and I think in the summer that is typical. Haven't been here long enough to know about winter, but obviously, it is dryer.

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