I even washed with a sulfate shampoo in an attempt to 'start over,' but no dice.

I love that slippery, soft feeling of my hair in the shower, probably because my hair is usually so dry. I'm frustrated that I can't get that feeling back.
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Oh no
I'm sorry that my suggestion didn't work. I'm so amateur at this that I don't even know what else to suggest
Thanks Firefox - I told you I was amateur!!! :-D
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Oh no, Curylocs, your suggestion was helpful--it was the masque that was a bomb! I have gotten my hair back to normal, thankfully! It just took a couple more shampoos, and then I hennaed my hair for the first time, which left my hair thick and soft.

So it's all good, and thanks Curlylocs, for your concern and help. Bad hair makes me freak out a bit.b