This is all we had growing up. No one used conditioners and such. There was no burned hair or heat damage. I didn't start having trouble with my hair until I started reading natural hair blogs. This is the second time I am transitioning and I'm going back to what worked for me.
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ITA. My mom did'nt use ANY conditioner in my hair. She used Prell Shampoo, Blue Magic grease and heat..My hair NEVER had heat damage and it grew past my shoulders...I don't understand for the life of me, why all of a sudden is everybody trippin over using grease...The stuff has been around for many decades with no problems. Longer then the shea butters and oil crap that only last in my hair one day then its dry as a desert. I think in my honest opinon its the shampoo. I use a clarifying shampoo weekly to rid the hair and scalp of any weekly grease and my hair is clean to start the process all over again, without any build up..I have not had any problems with grease..That is my only moisturizer and my hair is doing good So peace, love and hairgrease.
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. Being my hair is prone to to buildup and my scalp to dandruff I also clarify every week with a teatree shampoo even without using grease.
I mentioned my grandma and great grandma had hair that is APL. That means arm pit length which is in fact below the shoulders. Their hair was thin and stayed same length. I personally dont consider anything shorter than APl to be long hair. I suspect it was from a heat damage but.. I also dont think they got they ever got trims. Could be a factor.
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