I don't mind it that much. I have AC at home, plus my office jacks up the air, so I haven't spent much time outdoors this week. I would rather be hot than cold, personally. In the winter, I often never get warm enough, no matter how many layers I have on.
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I am the same way. I lived in St. Louis for a while, and I managed to get first bite on my hands two years in A row with two pairs of gloves on. I am definitely one of those people who do better when it is at least 80 outside.

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Same here. Yesterday I went to get coffee a few blocks away during work. It was around 90 and humid, felt great. I love sweating and heat. Much better than being cold and dry all day. Although by the time I got back my back was wet, stepping outside and feeling that warm blanket wrap around my back and arms...oh soo good.