I found that spraying Set It Free after applying gel and before diffusing helped a lot with curl definition and frizz. I got a few compliments yesterday while at the mall. I haven't had any for about a month (since using only Deva products). I stuck with the products because I'm shedding less hair. I'm so happy I finally figured out what works with this gel.
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I am totally on the fence about this gel. I think I don't like it, but then I think maybe I am doing something wrong. I am going to try it again, pinksugar, and do what you do with the Set It Free. Then I think I will make a decision. I don't want to give up on it just yet.... Also, like dusalocks and CurlyInTheFog, sometimes I think it feels producty as well, and the same problem that when washed I my hair it felt tangly and dry! I think maybe I will try using less, also. Sorry, not much help at this point. I always go back to the original AnGel or Arc AnGel as my go to gels (they might be named something different now).
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