I have 2 kinds of Yes to Cukes - one with sulfates, and one without. I cannot say I see a huge difference. I do feel my hair benefits occasionally from a sulfate shampoo, but I "low poo" every day, so I dont want to go back to sulfates. I have used stylers with cones - like Ouidad Climate Control - but I dont like them either. Frizz.

OK, my hair: I like the cut; it doesnt get cut much, but when it does it is a Deva method. The sides used to be much shorter layers, and that has b een growing out for over a year.

I get my roots touched up every 3-4 weeks because it grows fast and when the silver grows in, it looks like my hair is thinning at the part - which is it is not.

It is coarse, low porosity, and medium thickness/texture. The curls now are a mix of 3A and 3B. The curls at the top and sides dont keep their shape as much as the curl at the bottom, which is nice spirals.

CP, I have tried doing what you suggest, Dusa also suggested it - but it is still so trial and error. I can do X,Y and Z one day, and get great hair - do the same thing the next day and it looks totally different. Even with similar weather conditions. I dont know if this is a problem particular to low porosity curlies, but it sure is frustrating!!

Is there anything else you want to know about my hair? it is mid back in the back. I dont plop - I use roller jaw clips. I also scrunch with a towel before I apply product. From what I know, for LP gals, it doesnt matter if the product is applied to damp as opposed to soaking wet hair because our hair does not absorb product much. I suspect this is the problem, but I dont know what to do about it. Waaaahh!!