Dusa, you are always so helpful. Cant we have coffee tomorrow after work and discuss this? oh thats right, you live at least 1200 miles away. Dang.

Ok. Well, t he thing is, I never really liked silicones. They didnt do much for my hair. my gel(Volumax) and my foam ( Deva) dont have glycerin. I thought glycerin ws the problem (remember, I was using CK, and I got convinced to quit that, at least for the summer?) So I did.

Tomorrow I am going back to Tousle me Softly - which is CG - with some Volumax Gel. I'd hate to think my Deva foam is the culprit but it has a ton of ingredients in it. Maybe I need to simplify.

I have thought of trying the Coconut Hibiscus Milk, but I am not sure what that would do for my hair...