Dusa, you are always so helpful. Cant we have coffee tomorrow after work and discuss this? oh thats right, you live at least 1200 miles away. Dang.

Ok. Well, t he thing is, I never really liked silicones. They didnt do much for my hair. my gel(Volumax) and my foam ( Deva) dont have glycerin. I thought glycerin ws the problem (remember, I was using CK, and I got convinced to quit that, at least for the summer?) So I did.

Tomorrow I am going back to Tousle me Softly - which is CG - with some Volumax Gel. I'd hate to think my Deva foam is the culprit but it has a ton of ingredients in it. Maybe I need to simplify.

I have thought of trying the Coconut Hibiscus Milk, but I am not sure what that would do for my hair...
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Oh my goodness Myrna I would love to have coffee with you. I often say that to my other curly friend I met on here who lives on the opposite side of the country. All my closest friends right now live far away so I only see them on weekends. We usually meet halfway.

I remember the whole CK debacle. Glycerin was the main suspect but you know what--it's really low on the ingredient list. Also the polyquat in it didn't give me any buildup or trouble when I was experimenting. And for what it's worth, curly guru Waterlily716 calls that product her HG but most especially in the summer and her curl pattern is similar to ours and I suspect she's anywhere from coarse to medium coarse in her hair width. (Albeit she's porous.) She also claims that the CK really helps with frizz. TBH when I was experimenting with it that's the only thing I found it helped with. I'd sweep it over my canopy after a sweaty workout if I wasn't gonna wash my hair that night because I didn't have time and it would kill the frizz. Speaking of frizz-killing, I love the curl and style milk. When I got back from the shop earlier I just put swept some on top of my dry canopy and outer layers and scrunched up and to the sides. It wasn't messy anymore and the curls bounced right back so I could wear my hair unpinned again. I know low porosity curlies can't always do this (putting products in dry hair to refresh) though because it won't penetrate. But maybe it might make for a good leave in. It's also glycerin free, I think. I'd recommend getting it at Walgreens because you could always return it afterwards, right?
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