I'm just one of those people that can't do second day hair.
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Don't worry....you're not alone!!!!!
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Have you found anything that even remotely works for you? There are days I just don't have time to do everything to my hair. So I'm wondering what options I have on those days. I'm still hoping that more curls will get stronger and more defined with time, but I can't afford to keep buying new products lol! I've spent enough already. Some people mentioned aloe Vera gel. Problem is I think that's a humectant, right? I live in an area with dew points in the 70's often, so I'm not sure that will work for me.

Firefox, to answer your question. No, the Giovanni sea kelp does not say bioferment but extract, but from what i have been reading it seems likely that it has still gone through the fermentation process when put in cosmetics, and hair care products. Some sites list them as interchangeable. I cannot say for certain unless I would actually call Giovanni. I would like to add that it is the deep moisture conditioner that contains it, no the regular.