@Myrna: I'm glad I'm not alone. No, I don't live in Wisconsin, I live in the Netherlands :-)

After reading more threads on high dewpoints I think my frizz problems are dp-related. This morning I realized it's my first summer as a wavy/curly with high dp's that I try to style my hair with gel..
Last year I was on holiday in Spain around this time of year, with the same high dp's, but then I only conditioned and sealed my hair and used a small amount of mousse to prevent my hair from being completely flyaway. Never bothered for more than waves, because I was on the beach everyday.

I think it's strange that I never have problems finding a routine that works for me in winter (low dp's), but I always struggle in the summer.
2b-c/3a med/fine- low porosity- normal elasticity, BSL
2B/C-3A) fine - low porosity
Wash: Daily Fix,SMT, Kesham, Urtekram
RO: Motions CPR Li, Inecto Cocos co, AO GPB, KCTT
acv-rinse, sometimes honey-rinse
LI: coconut oil (winter), CJBC-LI
Styling: AVG, Etos Solid Power Gel, Taft gel, CJPP
Plopping~Pixiecurl diffuse~clipping

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