If I use a hard hold gel, I get 2c/3a hair, throughout the day; I've been experimenting with EcoStyler Krystal and with another gel on top of it, I get 2c/3a hair. Yesterday I revisited an old favorite (SM C&H Curl & Style Milk) as my leave-in on top of some VO5 and used only EcoStyler to style. Wet it was 2c/3a, as it dried it loosened to 2b/2c; since we had a wedding to go to, I liberally sprayed with Deva hairspray.

Pineapppled last night and this morning I have second day 2a/2b hair. I haven't had second day hair (that I felt was decent) in a LONG time. I've smoothed on a little more SM and a SM EcoStyler mix and am quite happy with it. Am guessing by day's end it will be 2a, as I LOVE touching my hair since it's so soft now that I've gone CG. Pre-CG, I was a curly, but my hair always felt stiff and sticky; if I touched it, it would frizz horribly. Touching my hair now does cause some level of frizz, but nothing like it was pre-CG (even if I hadn't touched my hair after drying, I had more frizz than I do now, after touching it all day).

Styling techniques: scrunch water out with "towel" and add product using scrunch and pump method; plop for about ten minutes; scrunch using flour sack towel; air dry.

Normal porosity, normal texture (not fine, not coarse), medium density, BSL, dew points in the 50s

This weekend, will try conditioner only styling, next week will try above product combo mix-ups again to see if can replicate. I a, a big fan of the trial and error method!