Pianogirl, I have been using the Yes to Cucumbers shampoo and conditioner. I have so many conditioners I hesitate to purchase more! but I will keep it in mind, especially as it comes so highly recommended by you. What do you style with??

Dusa, you also really get this. Nope, I cannot put products in dry hair, that is a total disaster. Exception: CK. Yup. I think that with my hair, less is more. So this morning, I washed with Yes to Cucumbers; conditioned with TB (the smoothing formula, I had been using the moisturizing formula) and left some in, which I have not been doing. I applied CK (here I go again) and just a small bit of the Volumax because I doubt CK by itself will hold in this weather. I am keeping my hopes realisically moderate. I will report back this evening. I did not use the Deva foam, because...Im not sure. I just did not think it was a good combo with CK. It is a good, a terrific product, but by itself it is not enough hold, and it has a ton of ingredients, so if something is reacting to the humidity and giving me frizz, damned if I know what it is. Maybe one of our experts out there will look at the ingredients and give me an analysis of that product. I looked at my old mousses, including Pantene, which is a really firm holding mousse, but you know, mousses all have alcohol, and I am not sure I want to do that right now....Thanks so much, everyone.