One time in winter I tried to DC in the shower with coconut oil and my hair acted like I hadn't put anything in it. When I diffused, I got split ends. But that was on wet hair, which wasn't your question! I could try it again in dry hair, since I've still got half a pot somewhere in the back of my cabinets.
Presumably to do it in dry hair I should wash and let dry without product?

I don't think I have too much damage. I don't color my hair. Since it's summer I might have some UV damage, as I get a couple hours of sun every weekend. As for heat, up til May I was diffusing every time I washed. I had a big chop last month and haven't diffused since then.

Admittedly I haven't been methodical about this at all - I found my hair frizzed a lot after some conditiony things, but I didn't check dews or take note whether they were PTs or DCs. Just threw Curl Junkie samples into my hair and had better and worse hair days But I knew right away that CCCCL and Daily Fix were keepers!

Seems my next steps are to try a PT and to try coconut oil in dry hair, and see what happens... yeah? Thanks for your help
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Straight up coconut oil is not a deep conditioner it is a deep treatment so largely improves hair from the inside out, conditioner has ingredients that patch or coat the surface so make hair feel nice from the outside. Coconut oil probably won't absorb on wet hair since it is water repellent, the research is a long overnight up to twenty four hours on dry hair. You may feel a difference the first time, more likely you will need multiple treatments to get the benefit.

That is quite a lot of sun, IIRC less than 200 hours UV exposure damages the protein structure and cuticle glue and, hair becomes more porous and strength is reduced substantially. Could you wear a close weave sunhat or UV Buff? You might want to focus any protein and/ or coconut oil soaks on that area, ceramides are also beneficial for UV damaged hair.

I don't think many of us are methodical initially, even with method and science there is still trial and error, it just reduces our options and stops us making so many expensive and frustrating mistakes.
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