about the cotton seed curl booster: I think I like it...
I didn't have bad experiences with it yet, but I didn't use it the last 3 weeks or so because I'm experimenting with KCCC...

I did have great results using it on dry hair though! So it might have good 2nd day hair performance.

I am a bit afraid to use it though since it has 2 polyquats (37 and 72 or something like that) and I am afraid of using any polyquat and MO although I don't think I had bad results using them earlier (I'm just afraid of ingredients that give people bad results... paranoia I guess)

I would say: try one bottle and you will know if you like it or not?
I liked it but the polyquats scare me... (probably for no reason though, I'm just in a "scared of a lot of ingredients"-period I think)
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