Fifi, I thought of you yesterday afternoon. We were listening to the 911 call from the incident and the operator was so very good (at least to my untrained ears). She repeated herself clearly over and over while giving instructions, she only raised her voice to get the caller to focus on her instructions. To get through the emotional side of things, I focused on her and the job you do every day. I knew it wasn't an easy job, but listening to that, which was just one single call from her day, made me appreciate what you do at a completely different level.

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Thank you, Perri. Very much. It's not often we dispatchers hear that. I am so sorry you had to listen to it, though. That is not an easy thing to hear. It's one thing when you are taking the call, and just trying to focus on keeping people calm & focused and getting them through that moment, and another thing for families to hear it later. ((((Hugs upon hugs upon hugs)))) I am thinking of you.
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