Neleke, I'm with Jessiebanana. If you don't experience any problems, then don't be afraid to use it. So many people here can't use glycerin and stay away from it whereas I rarely get any frizz from glycerin. I'm not afraid to use it because I know I don't get the bad reaction most people get.

Also, I think you hear so many negative things about polyquats because people only bring it up when they have problems with them, and not when everything's fine. Most people probably don't experience any problems with polyquats but we don't notice because it's not out there on the boards.

Wavydaze, thank you so much for your contribution and sharing your views as well as the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. I'm going to run some products in the database as soon as I'm done typing this post!

Laura1982, what curl cream are you talking about? Is the Cottonseed curl booster a cream? Please tell me more about it!

I'm so happy with all the responses. Please keep them coming!

By the way, the Cottonseed Curl Booster is just 6,- now. Bit scared of the polyquats though because they have caused problems for me in the past. Oh what to do, what to do.
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