I think a lot of whether or not someone can "do second day hair" is really about what they expect from their hair on that second day. I generally cleanse daily (partially due to not liking my second day hair, but mostly due to an intense workout schedule that leaves my scalp sweaty and gross). However, there are definitely day when I just don't have the time or energy to wash my hair. I've learned that, especially at my current length, I will never have second day hair that looks like my typical first day hair. But I've also learned that different isn't necessarily bad. Just yesterday I opted for second day hair (late night rehearsal) and I actually got a few compliments. Basically my only goal for second day hair is minimizing frizz and avoiding any bad tangles. To that end, I will end up with softer curls/waves on the second day. All of my second day hair issues were because I was trying to get the exact same curl and definition as I had the day before. I tried sprays and serums and mousse and gels, and all they did was gunk up my hair and leave me frustrated. Once I accepted the difference, my rare second day hair days have become much less painful. Now, all I do is apply a serum over the canopy to smooth frizz, raking or finger combing if needed.

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